Adapt and Adopt

There are different outcomes to be achieved by participants of Blended Programme. Some of these can be heard and/or seen. And there will be some which cannot be seen but which will certainly be there. These are to be recognized by the owner of them, at later stages in his/her personal life. These are referred to as Hidden Competences which topic we elaborated on at our Dissemination conference in February 2016.

For Blended Programme we are certain that students will broaden their horizon in knowledge and skills of their future profession, in the natural use of English and learn other languages, and be more aware of their positions as EU citizens. When in Ireland students will learn to use the English language in another way than when practicing this language in Finland or in The Netherlands. Either way there will be growth in the natural use of it. Students meet other participants of other EU projects and share their view on those. In this way they meet and learn more about other cultures, within the EU or abroad.

By attending classes in an institution abroad students are encouraged into interaction and interculturalisation. They also learn to relate to about their own country and to recognize their own culture.

We are certain that participating students will be better prepared for their future within the EU or further abroad.

To hold workshops on assessing of students participating countries learn and share knowledge on this topic. It helps us understand each other's curricula much better. It creates possibilities for Dutch students to do (parts of) their exams abroad as companies get certificated when attending the workshops.  By means of understanding each other's curricula and education systems we are able to officially integrate Blended Programme in curriculums of different VET departments. For all partners BP meant innovation of curricula, innovation of working together with students, innovation in internationalization in education systems

Concerning our Intellectual Outcomes of the projects, those are free to be accessed and to download at the section Exploitation.