Dissemination Activities by the Project Partners


SATAEDU presented BP at the annual internal general assemblies which take place twice a year. The target group here was especially the chiefs of Sataedu. Finnish partners also introduced BP to colleagues and teachers of different departments and also at a great variety of possible workplacements. The latter is very important for cooperation for having participants of the other participating countries placed.

Partners also had face-to-face conversations at different moments with potential participants and colleagues. At meetings of other projects whether in Finland or abroad all present were informed on the progress of BP.



An interview made in Finland by Finnish National Agency CIMO

Coordinator Margriet Leest and colleague from Sataedu Marko Kemppinen. 

5.4.2016 in Nakkila unit 12h (09.00-21.00) film production with international students.




CIELS actively disseminated BP at a great diversity of organisations. The actions were carried out delicately, approaching and visiting all personally to inform the supervisors at the facilities on BP and asking for their cooperation. These operations were illustrious. Participating partners can have students of different departments doing their internship at workplacements that are well-informed on BP.

Much contact is maintained with the VET school that is involved in the project so as to execute and coach the participants.


Listening to Industry Review: English Language Schools, Danny:BP ON NEWSTALK

http://cdn.radiocms.net/media/001/audio/000022//135013_media_player_audio_file.mp3 via the @newstalkfm #ntfm app



LANDSTEDE offered information events for potential participants and their parents at different units of the organization. It also communicated with colleagues/teachers of different departments to get them more involved in the project, to learn more as these departments have students participating. BP was also presented in the corporate magazine, including interview with two participants. Also workplacements were contacted to introduce the project and to get them involved and offering opportunities for trainees,  for future participants.

All three participating countries have disseminated the project at local, regional, national and international levels by writing or talking about it at different venues.

Many different target groups have been involved by all three partners. The focus of partners vary according to the individual needs and/or possibility. But all are working to reach the utmost of dissemination of BLENDED PROGRAMME.





What is dissemination?
Dissemination means communication. It is an active concept. The information is tailored, for the target audience.
Dissemination involves the transmission of useful and useable knowledge to appropriate target audiences, including decision and policy makers, teachers/colleagues. Each of these target groups has its own particular needs and interest. The translation of the knowledge should be tailored to these. And the transmission should be done in a way that encourages them to take up and use the results.
The strategy will focus on what the community needs to learn and the processes needed for embedding and implement.

What is important in disseminating BP?
At the beginning we would like to raise awareness, let others know what we are doing. We inform and educate the community on BP. As a result we get engagement, we get input and feedback from the community in the developing of the project. ,